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Pinky Messchaert – Sculpturebuilder

Pinky Messchaert – Sculpturer

Pinky Messchaert is an artist from Utrecht
The desire to create has always been present in Pinky’s life.
As a child she brought home all kind of things that she found on the street, seeing their potential to play and transform them. It was no surprise when she decided to go to the Art Academy. In 1979 she graduated as Monumental designer at the Art Academy in Utrecht. A few of her time as a designer completed assignments, including hanging object “Untitled” Central hall Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein (1984) and “Toevallige ontmoeting” Belcourt shopping center in Zeist (1996). Recently (2016) reinstated on roundabout Van Stolberg in Zeist.
After working several years as a monumental designer, so she decided to take a different path and chose to focus entirely on making free work.  At first she worked primarily with wood, but in time she discovered that this material didn’t give her enough creative opportunities and began to work with metal. Her contemporary statues are often built from old thrown away materials, found on the street, in containers and scrapyards.

The artistic trend were you could place her work is assemblage art. During her wood-period her work was mainly abstract, in recent years her art-work is more figurative.

The artistic process seldom starts with an already chosen subject. More likely, the proces starts with intens looking at the ‘harvest’ of found objects and then getting inspired by typical or specific forms of these objects. Next, the creating proces starts with the patient game of building, assembling and or removing parts, which leads to a beautiful new creation.

An important stage in the work of Pinky Messchaert her window in the Hamburgerstraat 34 in Utrecht. Many local people, but also commuters on their way to work and mothers with children on their way to school, enjoy a daily view through the window Hamburgerstraat 34 to admire the the work which is currently presented.
Its aim is to regularly put a new picture in its window and there is therefore eagerly awaited by its followers.